We are committed to being the leading real estate development company in the Middle East and surrounding region.

Mission Statement

The level of economic activity in the middle east and its surrounding regions has reached unprecedented levels over the past two decades with record GDP levels and growth rates which are the envy of the developed world.

 Real estate and the development of land and property has been at the very epicentre of this transition and has provided exciting new opportunities and prospects for the numerous citizens and businesses of these regions.

The continuing development of the economies and growing populations provokes yet further opportunities across a broad number of sectors, including: business, residential and leisure.  SKS Estates brings together the highest quality of management teams both combining important regional contacts and relationships alongside seasoned real estate veterans with extensive experience across a number of international and more saturated markets.

We aim to identify the most attractive sector of the real estate development industry within the most attractive geographies and bring to that an expertise in financing, construction and sales.  Through our network of advisors and members, we are able to best present ourselves as the most trusted development partner for municipalities and Governments as they seek to continue the pace development of their regions.  We work tirelessly with local stakeholders to ensure that our developments are both well understood and fully aligned with the objectives and initiatives of local governments.

We are committed to being the leading real estate development company in the Middle East and surrounding region renowned for creating impressive value for our shareholders and investors as well as being the provider of choice for our customers and ultimate owners.

Nico Consari


Hisham Al Taher AICPA


Paul Grout MA

VP Corporate Operations

Kenneth Roberts

VP Business Development

Karimi Nik

VP Sales & Marketing


Our offices are located in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) an international financial centre located on Al Maryah Island in the heart of the UAE’s capital city, Abu Dhabi

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